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Now Pin Your Favorite Chats With Latest WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp pinning feature


WhatsApp Update often launches something interesting and useful with its app and so this time you’ll have a new WhatsApp feature that might be very useful for many. WhatsApp is consistently trying hard to remain the world’s best instant messaging application.

Actually, latest  WhatsApp update is rolling out old features with the new update by which users will be able to pin their favorite chats to the top. unlike the latest Facebook Statistic. Isn’t it a great feature?


Important Points to Be Noted

It’s obvious that with this new feature you’ll be able to pin your favourite chats to the top for more comfort in communication with your loved ones. But, following are some important points about this news that you must be noted:

  • This feature is now being tested in Android beta. This is not now a globally available feature to its all WhatsApp features. It’s still being tested in Android beta and only the latest WhatsApp beta users will be able to access it.
  • Maximum number of three chats can be pinned. Another important thing to be noted here is that you’ll only be able to pin the maximum number of three chats to the top. You can anytime unpin one of those three chats and choose another.

How To Get this WhatsApp Pin Feature?

As already mentioned that this feature is only available for latest WhatsApp beta users and has not rolled out for stable versions yet. Android Police was the first one to spot this new WhatsApp pinning feature in the latest version of WhatsApp beta.

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So, if you eagerly want to use it without waiting for the update for stable version of the app, you can still get it.

All you need to sign up for WhatsApp beta on Google Play Store from your Android device. Once, you become a tester, you’ll get an update with the testing version. It can take a few hours for the update to arrive.

 Here’s How To Pin Your Favorite Chats With Latest WhatsApp Update

If you’re updated your WhatsApp beta for Android to 2.17.162 or 2.17.163 version, you should get the pinning feature. To pin a chat in WhatsApp beta, just tap on the chat you want to pin to the top and choose the Pin option from the top bar. Alongside Pin, the new WhatsApp update brings other options such as DeleteMute and Archive as well.

Once, you pin chats, they will be on the top of your chat list. Even though you’ve more recent WhatsApp chats from other individuals or groups, you’ll see them just after the pinned chats.

As mentioned you can now pin only three chats and when you try to pin more than three chats, it will through a notification saying ‘you can only pin three chats’.

That’s all about this new pinning feature in WhatsApp beta. Now, it’s in testing mode but soon users will be able to access this feature in the stable version of the app.

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