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Top 10 Free Puzzle Games For Your PC And Android

Freak out from your busy schedule and play some of the outstanding and world famous free puzzle games. According to a scenario, PC Games are becoming a tremendous and traditional source of entertainment for each and every aged group people nowadays. And when it comes to puzzle games, we all love playing them. A huge craze among the people towards puzzle games is due to its problem solving skills, logic, strategy, pattern recognizing, word competition, sequence solving and many more.

On seeing this craziness and love towards puzzle games, today I have come up with the world’s top and best puzzle games for your Windows computer. The best part about this session is that these games are totally free to play and can be downloaded for free from microsoft store. You will definitely adore these puzzle games after playing because they are easy and very interesting to play.

Do you want to go crazy with these games? So, have a look on these puzzle games for your Windows PC.

Top 10 Free Puzzle Games For PC


1. Around The World in 80 Days

Around The World in 80 Days is a world famous puzzle game and as exciting as its name. This game is based on world tour. In this game you will get a chance to visit four continents and complete your mind-boggling tour around the world. You just need to drive the pieces to the base end of the game field and finish the titles below it.

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2. Jewel Quest

Jewel Quest is an outstanding PC puzzle game and loved by most of the people. This game is based on ancient Mayan civilization. Jewel Quest is very easy to play. In this adorable game you just need to arrange the memento in such a way that sand tiles turn into golden. You will win the game when you succeeded in converting all the sand tiles to gold. It contains many more exciting things for you.

3. Fishdom

Here comes another amazing puzzle game for your PC. This puzzle game is correlated with its name and well known as Fishdom. Through this game you can decorate your dream aquarium. For this you just have to progress through challenging boards and solve immersive puzzle to win cash. With these cash you can buy candy-eye fish and beautiful accessories to decorate your aquarium in the tremendous way you desire.

4. Real Mahjong

Real Mahjong comes up with a very exciting fun collection for you. It is an amazing and world famous puzzle game. The process to play this outstanding puzzle game for PC is so simple and exiting. Just you have to match the similar cards and place it on one another. You can even make your own mahjong board and can watch the solution to any board too.

5. Magic Crystals

If you are a puzzle game lover then you would definitely love to play this game pronounced as Magic Crystal. It is very easy and simple to play. The game delivers various colors crystals. You just have to drag the three or more crystal of same color. You will even get bonus on winning. Its attractive and animated background will definitely catch your eyes.

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6. Mah Jong Quest

Here comes a mysterious game for you which is popular as Mah Jong Quest. Yes you heard right it is a mysterious game which include forbidden tiles. The game is all about the three dragon that appears without giving any alert and destroys a peaceful and lovely village. You can save this village only by solving the mysteries of Mah Jong Quest. It contains 80+ brain teasing layouts which you will definitely love.

7. Tonky Ponky

Tonky Ponky is a unique puzzle game which you will definitely adore after play it. You would be excited to know about this game. In this game Tonky Ponky is name of a monkey who has a playful dolphin friend. You have to help Tonky Monky and dolphin to clear the colorful balls from the shores of their topical paradise. It contains 105 level +102 bonus levels.

8. Royal Gems

Royal Gems is a very simple and easy puzzle game for your PC. One of its lovable features is its excellent sound track. To play this thrilling game you just need to create figure out of the gems on the displayed field through this you will get bonuses. On completing level you will earn crystals which you can use for buying exciting upgrades from the shop.

9. Underwater Puzzle

Another puzzle game which is much more dramatic and exiting is Underwater Puzzle. From its name it is clear that it is an underwater game. This game deals with a beautiful mermaid who needs your help to win a royal garden design competition in an underwater kingdom. Her opponents are too strong. So help her to find all that she need to design the royal garden.

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10. Family Puzzle

Family Puzzle is also one of the most exciting and the beloved game from years to years. This game is totally based on the mosaic that player has to be placed in the correct place. Different and numerous images fragment of various shapes are provided on the screen. The corresponding game contains 220 levels which makes the game more interesting.

Wind Up

Puzzle games are entertaining and good for mind exercise. So, you should play the above listed puzzle games for entertainment and charge your mind. All the Windows users can enjoy these top puzzle games by downloading them. You can download them from any of the free games downloading website.

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