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8 Security Tips To Keep Your Facebook Account Safe

Facebook Account users worldwide are over 2.20 billion monthly active, based on recent statistic. A brief breakdown by Wiki explains how  Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg . Facebook and sharing information with friends and relatives with a misconception that their information is 100% safe on Facebook

Let me inform  you that even Facebook is not 100% secure to keep your data safe all the time because hackers can anytime harm your online reputation base on annual statistics report. So, in this post I’m sharing some Facebook security tips to keep your facebook account safe.

The following security tips will not only help you keep your account safe but also help you in case your’re unable to access your Facebook account due to any reason like hacking etc.


8 Tips To Keep Your Facebook Account Safe

The following 8 tips are very essential to keep your facebook account safe. Now, read them out and apply carefully to keep your Facebook account extra safe.

Tip #1: Pick Some Friends as Trusted Contacts

You can tell Facebook about some of your friends or relatives (commonly known as trusted contacts) so that anytime if you’re unable to access your Facebook account due to any reason like hacking, these contacts may help you unlock your account.

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To pick trusted contacts in your Facebook account, go to Settings > Security and in front of Trusted Contacts option click/tap on Edit button. And here you can easily choose trusted contacts.

Facebook Trusted Contacts


Tip #2: Enable Login Alerts

If you want to keep your Facebook account extra secure you should enable login alters. Enabling Login Alerts means if someone logs into your Facebook account from an unknown device or browser without your permission, you will be notify of it so that you can take quick action.

If you didn’t enable login alerts in your Facebook account, just go to Settings > Security and in front of Login Alerts click on Edit button. Finally tick “Get Notifications” option.

Facebook Login Alerts

Tip #3: Add a Secondary Email Address

Facebook enables you to add another email with your Facebook account. Adding a secondary email to your Facebook account is very necessary because it will help you whenever you will lose your primary email.

So, if your primary email or password hacked, it may be your another great medium to save your facebook account by logging in with your secondary email.

Add Another Email

Tip #4: Never Tick “Keep Me Logged In”

There’s a check box on Facebook login page says “Keep Me Logged In”. You should always keep in mind that not to tick this check box while going to login because it keep you logged in to your account and anybody can access your Facebook account without needing your password.

So, always remember than never tick this check box to keep your Facebook account safe and private from even those who use your personal computer.

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Tip #5: Never Forget to Logout After Use

It’s the simplest thing that everybody knows very well but still if anyhow forget to logout your Facebook account on a public computer, anybody else can access your account without your permission.

So, you should be careful about that. Always remember to logout your Facebook account before leaving the computer. Just make it your habit.

Tip #6: Remotely Logout Facebook in All Other Devices

Yes, this is the important tip to keep your account safe from others. You should remotely logout your Facebook account in all other devices.

Anytime if you’ve any doubt that your Facebook account is being used on an unknown device or browser, you should instantly remotely logout your Facebook account in all other devices. And according to me, you should do that every month to keep your account safe and private.

To remotely logout your Facebook account in all devices, go to Settings > Security  and look for the option “Where You’re Logged in”. In front of it click on Edit button and here you will see where your Facebook account is being used.

So, if you find any unfamiliar device using your Facebook account, just click on End Activity link to remotely logout your Facebook account in that device.

End Activity


Tip# 7: Change Your Facebook Password Every Month

You should change your Facebook account password regularly (monthly). This is because if someone hacked your Facebook account or found the password, by changing your password you can again make your account safe.

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While changing password you should remember that there will be a check box “Log me out of other devices” that you must check so that if someone would have been using your account, will automatically logout.

Log out of all other devices

Tip #8: Beware of Phishing Attempts

Phishing attempts are very dangerous. It’s the most popular hacking technique because the authentic-looking email fools people easily.

In phishing, hacker sends an authentic looking email to get your login details from you. So, beware while clicking on such emails.

But, how will you recognize that it is a phishing attack?

There are many ways to recognize whether it’s an authentic or phishing email. The simplest one is that look for the sent from email and check if it’s from xyz@facebook.com because anything other than facebook.com are fake such as facebook.us, facebook.wk etc.

Other than this, you shouldn’t click on unknown or unnatural links on your Facebook timeline. It may also hurt you badly.

Final Words

The above 8 Facebook security tips are very important to apply in order to keep your Facebook account safe from unnatural activities.

However, all these tips are very important but still I would to force you to surely apply the first one, second, fifth, sixth and seventh. These tips you must apply to keep your account safe forever.

Other than this, one more thing I would like to suggest you to create strong passwords because easy to to guess passwords can easily be hacked. Use numbers, special characters, capital letters, dates, or date of births in your passwords but never make your passwords easily guessable, so try to combine all these things in a single password.

That’s all. By these things keeping in mind you can protect your Facebook account and keep your data safe and private.

Have other tip how to make Facebook account more secure? Let us know by using the comment box below to help Facebook  community safe.

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