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How to Recover Your Laptop When Liquid (Water) Falls on It

 Recover Your Laptop from spilled water or any other fluid on a computer is a simple method that should be carried out when it happens. If by mistake it happened, do not panic or confuse about what to do and what not because today I am here to help you with how to  Recover Your Laptop in this article. In the below given lines I have fetched some steps. Follow the below mentioned steps immediately after the liquid falls upon your laptop. The only reason behind this is that the faster you will take action the less will be the damage.

One more thing that you should always keep in mind is that what type of liquid has spilled also matters. Because water does not damage a lot but other liquids like soda, juice, drinks etc can. Since the liquid other then water live some sort of sticky ingredient behind after they dry up.  This can lead to a huge damage from inside. So better, take it to the service center. Now have a look on the steps that you should follow soon after the water spills on your laptop.

Steps To Recover Your Laptop When Liquid Falls On It

1. Shut down your laptop

First and foremost thing that you should do when liquid falls on your laptop is shut it down. Because we all know that liquid, is an insulator and so if it reaches the circuit of the laptop then this may result in the short circuit. You can also turn it off directly from the power off button if necessary.

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2. Unplug all the cable and peripheral devices

The second step that you must take is that unplug all the cables, wires and peripheral devices connected to your laptop such as speakers, mouse, printer, scanner or anything else. Since these spilled liquid could also damage the connecting devices.

3. Try to soak the water from your laptop using towel or napkins

There are certain napkins or towels made up of such fabric that soak water too faster. Use this napkins and towel with a little bolt to soak the maximum amount of water that has spilled on your laptop. This can help your laptop a lot to recover from a lot more damage.

4. With the flip open, turn your laptop upside down

With the flip open when you turn your laptop upside down then the water, that has entered the keyboard or motherboard can also come out. So try to leave your laptop in this position for half an hour.

5. Never open laptop’s body parts if you aren’t an expert

I often notice, that people mostly try to open the laptop’s body part by themselves. Remember if you are not an expert then never ever try to do this because the wrong thing done by you can cause a huge damage to your laptop. Better then this you should consult the service centers.

6. Never use hair drier similar equipment to dry laptop

Most of the times in nervousness people use hair drier or other drying equipment to dry up the laptop. Never to do this because the high temperature air coming out form the drier could melt the important and sensitive parts of the laptop. Always try to dry the laptop at room temperature or under a running fan. This will be safe.

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Wrap Up

Keyboard covers are available in the market. Also try out such covers to protect your laptop from the spilled water. However, I will give you just one suggestion that always try to keep fluid materials away from your laptop as far as possible.

One more thing, if you have followed the above give steps and still your laptop is not running in a regular manner then better get it serviced.

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