Protect your computer with administrator password

Protect your computer with administrator password

You can protect your computer with administrator password by following a few steps. Actually, to protect your computer with administrator password is not a hard work. It’s just a few clicks away.

Password is a security portion that provides security to your computer with a password. But it does not solve internal problems of your computer. For this a Windows utility Troubleshooting is required.

Factually, the password is needed when you want that no one touch your computer without your permission.

This article will provide you the step by step procedure to protect your computer with administrator password.


  • Go to Start button to open the menu and find the option for control panel.
  • Click Control Panel right side of the menu to browse the home page of Control Panel.



  • Now you have reached to the Control panel Home.Here you have to click on ‘User Account’ link marked as red rounded rectangle.Look the screen shot below.



  •  After that you will see the following screen.Click this marked link to create the password.



  • Enter the password you want here.Now click link “Create Password” marked below and protect your computer with administrator password.




That’s it! Now share this post to help your friends in changing their administrator password.

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