Microsoft OneDrive vs Google Drive : Compare Google Drive to OneDrive

When you need to store your files, photos and documents using the cloud storage, you have a list of options to choose from OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive etc are the popular cloud storage services which have their own strength and weaknesses. This blog will help you provide Comparison Between Google Drive vs OneDrive which help you to choose between one.

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Google Drive vs OneDrive : Compare G Drive to OneDrive

Google Drive & its Features:

A complete set of office tools with cloud storage is provided by Google in a combination known as Google Drive. The users get a little of everything including word processor, spreadsheet application, slide (presentation builder), chats in the form of Hangouts plus 15GB free storage in this cloud service.

  • Accessing Google Drive

It is simple when comparing Google Drive vs OneDrive. If you already have a Google account, you can readily access the Drive. You have to login to to enable the service. The 15GB of storage is for everything combined and so you may have to share it between whatever utilities you may need like the photos you upload in Google+, Gmail account, videos, documents, Photoshop files or any documents you create in Google Drive.

  • Features of Google Drive

The Google Drive desktop application can be downloaded for Mac and PC to manage the files from the local system. This enables the user to organize the files in the desktop app and the files are synced with the cloud so that the user is able to access it from anywhere. Google Drive has apps for Android and iOS to manage the files from mobile. It has a built-in office suite where a number of tasks like editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be managed. Also the documents from other third-party apps can be migrated to Google Drive. Google Photos, an online photo storage app allows you to organize and store photos. Files can be uploaded automatically using the drag-drop option to Google Drive.

  • Positive Points
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When when comparing Google Drive vs OneDrive , Google Drive hardly requires any set up if you already have an account in Google. Using Gmail, the attachments can be easily saved from the email directly to the drive with just one-click. The backup of photos can be achieved automatically without needing any separate app for Google Photos.

  • Negative Points

The documents, spreadsheets and presentations need to be attached from ChromeStore to Google Drive from other programs or apps for editing in the Drive app. The difference between Google Drive and OneDrive is the storage space which is 15GB free has to be shared across various apps in Google Drive. This has the disadvantage that users will have to compromise on either Gmail or Google Photos, which are both popularly used.

OneDrive & its Features

One Drive is Microsoft’s storage option, which is built into the OS of the users who have Windows 8 and 10 installed in their system.

  • Accessing OneDrive

This can also be downloaded by any user as a desktop app for Mac and earlier versions of Windows or for Andriod, iOS, Xbox and Windows OS on mobile. Any type of services which include photos, documents or videos can be stored in OneDrive and can be accessed from any of the desktop, laptop or cell phones.

  • Features of OneDrive

The files are arranged by the type and hence it is easy for the users to find what they want. when comparing Google Drive vs OneDrive, Microsoft OneDrive offers 1TB cloud storage to all its users. Office365 has features like OneDrive, Word, Excel, Skype and a whole lot. In iOS, Android and Windows phones, photos are automatically uploaded and saved to the user’s OneDrive account. Since OneDrive is a product of Microsoft, it has its own advantages when working in a Windows OS. Whenever you work on Microsoft Office tools like Word or PowerPoint you get to see a list of recent documents that are saved in OneDrive.

  • Positive Points
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Since it is inbuilt to the Windows OS, it works seamlessly with Windows devices. Easy to open and edit files from OneDrive in applications like Word or Excel. Whenever a user signs up for this OneDrive, he/she gets a Microsoft account that serves as an access route to MS Outlook, Xbox Live and also to other host of Microsoft services.

  • Negative Points

When comparing Google Drive vs OneDrive , Not so popular among the non-technical masses. Its automatic file organization is not up-to-the-mark and files aren’t always put in the correct folders. OneDrive works best for Windows PC, tablet or mobile, wherein files get into this app with little effort.


So, when the decisive result is to be made when Comparison Between G Drive and OneDrive, it can swing either ways as both have their own pros and cons. It is up to the user to find it out for themselves, which cloud storage service supports their requirements and create an account accordingly.

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