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20 Awesome Tips To Make Your Laptop Last Longer

To make your laptop last longer requires some simple Technics Laptop is a portable computer and that’s why we prefer it more than a desktop computer. It is an expensive device which is used by people working in any field whether he is student, a businessman, a teacher, doctor, or any one. So, it is our duty to make our PC or laptop last longer. So, this article will give you the number of awesome and effective tips to increase your laptop lifetime and make it last longer.

Laptop is not that cheap to buy, so everyone is not able to purchase more new laptops whenever the old one damaged. So, you must read this article for top 20 very helpful tricks to make your laptop last longer.

Tips To Make Your Laptop Last Longer

20 effective tips to make your laptop last longer are as follows:

1. Never Place Laptop On Bed

You should be careful before placing your laptop on bed, sofa or any other soft surface while it is on. The reason behind this is the soft material blocks the ventilation on the bottom of the laptop. This stops air to travel under the computer and to maintain the temperature of your computer. So always place the laptop on a table or on a hard surface.

2. Maintain Your Battery Properly

If you are maintaining the battery this means you are making you laptop last longer. This is because laptop’s survival depends on the battery. Don’t keep your laptop on charge all the time. This can decrease the battery life. Drain your laptop’s charger at least once in a month.

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3. Always Eject The Drive Properly After Using It

This should be kept in mind that while removing any drive you should be careful. Improper removal of drives like flash drives, external hard disks and others may cause harm to your computer accessories. So be careful while removal of drives.

4. Be Careful While About CD Drive

Don’t use DVD frequently because this most often use can make your DVD drives lens weaker and weaker. Never use DVD drive to watch movies too much. Just copy the data from DVD and then watch it. Don’t force your DVD drive to close. Look at the problem. Then close it properly. Be careful while using the DVD drive.

5. Handle DC Jack Carefully While Plugging It

Never apply force to the jack because this can break or crack solder connecting jack and the motherboard. If your jack solder is cracker then don’t use the cracked one because it can damage your motherboard as well as the charger.

6. Keep Liquid Away From Laptop

Liquid substance or fluids may be kept away from your laptop because if accidentally the liquid falls on the keyboard then it would destroy the keyboard totally. This damage can’t be repaired.

7. Clean Your Laptop Properly

Clean your laptop once in a week. You should follow a correct procedure to cleaning your laptop properly. Take a tissue, drop 3 to 4 drops of LCD cleaner on it. Then wipe it over the screen and rest part of the laptop.  Don’t leave the laptop wet. Wipe the laptop with dry cloth throughout.

8. Get Antivirus Software

You should be careful about viruses. Virus enter your laptop easily though external drive. And may make your important file corrupted. So you must have anti-virus software. Before connecting any drive to your laptop first scan the drive then do transfer of file. Scan your full system within a gap of 3 to 4 days. This will keep your laptop protected.

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9. Hold Your Laptop Properly

Always lift your laptop with the help of both the palm from the bottom of the laptop. This will keep your laptop protected and safe from any accidents that may harm your laptop.

10. Protect From Too Hot or Cold

Don’t place the laptop in too hot or too cold place, it may harm your laptop.

11. Don’t Place The Laptop Near Other Electrical Appliances

Never put any electric appliances near the laptop because the laptops screen generates EMF (electromagnetic field), which may harm other electric appliances as well as you.

12. Never Open Flip More Than 90 or 120 Degree

If you do so may be possible that you screen would crack after a gap of time. So always keep in mind to open you laptop flip from 90 to 120 degree not more.

13. Never Close The Lid When Pen or Pencil Is Place On Keyboard

You should always keep this in your mind because if you do so then the point of pen our pencil may enter your laptops screen and damage it.

14. Remove Spyware And Adware

Spyware collects personal information without permission of administrator. It keeps your confidential information at a high risk. The way to get rid of these problems of spyware and adware are by downloading a reliable free Antivirus software to protect your PC. Microsoft Security helps you to remove the spyware and adware from your laptop. This can increase the laptop last longer.

15. Never Play Music In Full Volume In VLC

It may damage the speaker of your laptop. This damage won’t be repaired even if your laptop is in guaranty period.

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16. Don’t Stick Sticker

The reason behind this when you remove the sticker after a gap of time they live residue on the surface which can cause damage to your laptop.

17. Never Use Damaged Floppy Disk

The damaged floppy disk would damage your driver permanently. So always check the floppy disk before using it.

18. Use Disk Defragmenter or Disk Cleanup

You must defragment or cleanup the laptops drive ones in a month to remove all unwanted file from your laptop And makes your laptop run smoothly. 

19. Maintain Power Setting Properly

This will help you to save power and effectively helps to make your laptop last longer.

20. Keep Children And Pets Away From Your Laptop

Because they may scratch the laptop screen or push it badly, this may cause huge damage to your laptop.

That’s all! I hope friends these tricks will help you to make your laptop last longer. As I think that these all are very common, easy and may be useful to make your laptop last longer.

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