Step By Step How To Turn Off A Computer System

How To Turn Off A Computer System Step By Step

Step-By-Step Instructions To Help You Turn Off  A Computer System

These instructions are for Windows 7 and  Windows 8′.

Step 1: 

Click the ‘Windows’ button at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.
Turn Off A Computer System

Step 2:

 Click Shut down.
Shut down A Computer System

Step 3: 

If you’ve left any programs running or documents open, you’ll get a message similar to this:
Force shut down windows
You have two options now:
  • Click Cancel and then close everything that had been listed in the message, saving when necessary. Then try closing again.
  • Click Force shut down. The computer will automatically close all your documents, programs and so on without saving anything. As a result, you may lose some data.


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