how to manually create a system restore point in windows 7

Creating a system restore point in windows 7 can help save files when a factory reset is done in  Windows computer. Formatting is many times the most common solution to get rid of many computer problems such as slowing down, hanging, not responding errors etc. But, a factory reset on the computer can also save us our important files and software programs with just creating a restore point. So, in this case the System Restore feature of Windows can be proven very helpful.

System Restore helps you restore your computer’s system files to an earlier point in time. It means if something is causing Windows to behave unpredictably, instead of just formatting the whole computer to factory level you can restore it to an earlier point in time without affecting your personal files. But, for this you must make sure that you’ve created a System Restore Point when everything was working fine.

Below in the post, I’m firstly going to tell you a brief introduction about the System Restore and Restore Points, and how you can create the restore points in Windows 7 easily.

Understanding the System Restore & Restore Points in Windows

System Restore is a feature available in Windows lets you restore your computer’s system files to an earlier point in time.

Sometimes Windows behaves unpredictably due to wrongly installation of any drive or program. Usually, uninstalling the program or driver corrects the problem. If uninstalling doesn’t fix the problem, you can use Windows’ System Restore feature to restore your computer’s system to an earlier date when everything worked correctly.

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It’s a best way to undo system changes to your computer without affecting your personal files, such as e‑mail, documents, or photos.

Restore Points are simply the representation of the stored state of your computer’s system files that can be restored anytime using System Restore feature.

Restore Points are stored in the disk space reserved by System Restore, and remain the disk space until it’s filled up. As new restore points are created, the old ones are automatically deleted.

Here’s How to Create a System Restore Point in Windows 7

System Restore uses a feature called System Protection to regularly create and save restore points on your computer. You also manually create restore point anytime in your Windows 7 computer.

Following are the simple steps to create a System Restore Point in Windows 7 computer:


  • Navigate to Start Menu > Control Panel > System & Security > System in your Windows 7 computer.
  • In the left pane, click System protection. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

System Protection feature in Windows restore point



  • Click the System Protection Tab & click Create.
  • In the System Protection dialog box, type a description, and then click Create.

Creating Restore Point using System Restore in Windows


That’s all about manually creating a restore point in Windows 7.  Finally if you’ve created the restore point in your Windows computer,  you can easily restore your system files to that restore point.

So, now you won’t need to worry of resetting computer to the factory mode instead you can just restore it to a most recent restore point you created when everything was working fine.

If having any issue in creating the restore point or any question related to system restore, feel free to ask via our comment section.

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