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10 Easy Tips To Make Laptop Battery Last Longer

To make laptop battery last longer, you need to consider some tips. If you just bought a new laptop, we hope you find this tips useful to make your laptop last longer. If you have your device for awhile now, our tips will help increase battery life of your laptop battery to run longer.

With these tips on how to use your laptop prevents you from inserting your power cord too often and will keep your laptop battery running much more efficiently. In this article, we discussed  tips to make laptop battery last longer.

10 Tips How To Increase Battery Life Of Laptop

1. Reduce The Screen Brightness

Reducing the brightness can make laptop battery last longer. The screen is one of the parts that takes serious amounts of battery power to keep your display clear and bright. The screen brightness button is usually represented by a little sun symbol with up and down icons. To use it, just hold down the correct function key and then choose up or down. This can also stop laptop battery from draining so fast.

2. Activate Battery Saver Mode

Some great power saving features comes with Windows 10 which enable you optimize your laptop battery to increase laptop battery capacity. On the Start Search box, type “Power Options” and click “Power Saver” from the list. Windows 10 has handful more methods for saving laptop battery life. These features include settings for Powering Off The Monitor and Kicking Into Sleep Mode More Quickly.

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3. Don’t Keep Your Laptop Plugged-In Always

increase battery life of laptop in windows 10

Lithium-Ion batteries don’t need to keep their charger plugged in all the time. Do not allow complete discharge before charging and use the battery once charged. Keep your battery cycles between 20% and 90%. Laptops plugged in constantly after fully charged reduces the life span of a laptop battery to last longer. A battery cycle should be monitored between 20% and 90% (a drained battery and then plugged in to recharge — that’s a cycle). This tip will make laptop battery last longer and stop laptop battery from draining so fast

4. Keep Laptop Out Of Extreme Temperature

Extreme temperatures cause your laptop to work harder which in turn drains the battery pretty fast. Too many exposure to extreme hot or cold can damage the battery and also shorten its lifespan. This simple tip will increase battery life of laptop

5. Turn Wi-Fi Off When Not In Use

Wi-Fi connection constantly search for network when is switched ON which in turn draining the battery constantly looking for networks. You should consider turning your Wi-Fi device off when not in use. Many laptops have a function button use to turn off the wireless adaptor manually to save unnecessary battery usage, but some older laptops often don’t have this.

6. Install Enough RAM Memory

Computer manufacturing company, Dell has an interesting article suggesting consumers should install enough RAM to do tasks. With enough RAM memory, computer can store information in the RAM rather than the Hard Drive which in turns make the computer perform tasks faster and which significantly saves battery usage and lifespan. This is a handful tip make laptop battery last longer

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7. Eject Disc From Drives

Each time you have a disc spinning in the drive, it drains resources such as battery, ram etc. Simply eject discs before switching to battery to gain vital extra minutes to work. Recently, most modern laptops don’t come with disc drives installed but if your laptop does, it’s worth making sure it’s empty.

8. Disable Unnecessary Features

There are some handy built-in features in Windows 10. Many of these features demands your system unnecessary resources. Turning off graphical effects when using your laptop can be more efficient and which can increase battery life of laptop in windows 10.

9. Unplugged Unused Devices

increase laptop battery capacity

A plugged-in USB peripherals can drain battery faster than usual because the motherboard has to power them, so unplugging them will a lot. Peripherals such as USB sticks, Mouse, Webcams, external Hard Drive etc are common offenders. Copy information into the computer and eject the device as soon as possible. Also, cables draw power to the peripheral itself even when you’re not use. These can help increase laptop battery capacity also stop laptop battery from draining so fast

10. Get An SSD Storage

SSD drives is a storage device that operate on flash memory, which requires far less power to operate than a mechanical hard drive. Since SSD able files to be accessed much quickly, this enables your laptop to run much faster than the usual SATA Hard Drive. This might actually increase battery life of laptop just because task will be done quicker.

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