How To Make A Folder Invisible In Windows 10

How To Make A Folder Invisible In Windows 10

Ever wonder how to make a folder invisible in Windows 10 right under someone’s nose? With this tech trick, you can make a folder invisible in plain sight on your Windows 10 computer desktop.

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This trick is all about creating a folder with an invisible name and no icon. See step by step how to change a folder icon on your computer. To get started, follow the steps below:

How To Make A Folder Invisible In Windows 10

  1. Right-click an empty space on your desktop > click “New,” and then select “Folder.”
Select "Folder."
How To Make A Folder Invisible In Windows 10

2. A New Folder should appear on the screen with “New Folder” highlighted, type a name you wish to give the folder.

A "New Folder" on a Windows 10 desktop.
New Folder

3. After renaming the folder, press and hold “Alt as you type 255” on the numeric keypad section on the keyboard and press “Enter”.

Note: that you must type the numbers on a numeric keypad, not the number keys at the top of your keyboard.

A folder without a name on Windows 10.
New Folder

4. Now that the name is invisible, lets make the icon disappear. Right-click the folder and select “Properties.”

Click "Properties."
Hide a Folder On Your Computer Desktop

5. Click the “Customize” tab at the top, and then click “Change Icon” in the “Folder Icons” section.

Click "Customize," and then click "Change Icon."
Change a folder icon

6. In the “Change Icon for Folder” window, scroll to the right, select the invisible icon, and then click “OK.”

How To Make A Folder Invisible In Windows 10
How To Make A Folder Invisible In Windows 10

7. Click “OK” > “Apply” > “OK” to close the properties window and voilà! Your folder icon has vanished!

A blank Windows 10 desktop.
How To Make A Folder Invisible In Windows 10

You can select or open the folder on your desktop by drag your mouse cursor over your desktop to select multiple icons. The folder remains invisible in File Explorer with contents inside it. (Explorer usually shows a preview of files within a folder in its icon).

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How To Create Multiple Invisible Folders In Windows 10

To hide multiple folders once on your desktop, repeat the process above to create a new folder or select multiple folders to be invisible, press “Alt+255” more than once to type multiple invisible characters.

Obviously, this isn’t a secure way to hide files. Anyone can find the contents of an invisible folder via a system search. It can be helpful if you only need to hide something temporarily or if you just want to prank someone.

How To Make An Invisible Folder Visible Again

  1. Right-click the invisible folder and select “Properties.”
  2. Click the “Customize” tab
  3. Click “Change Icon.”
  4. Select a regular folder icon instead of the invisible one.
  5. To change the name, right-click the folder and select “Rename.” Type what you want to name the folder, and then press Enter

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