how to install DStv satellite dish and decoder

How To Install DStv Satellite Dish And Decoder In Nigeria – Beginner’s Guide (With Pictures)

DStv is an acronym that stands for “Digital Satellite Television” which is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by Multichoice. DStv started providing satellite services estimated about 11.9 million from 1995.

Knowing how to track and install DStv satellite dish and decoder in Nigeria for beginner with DStv Extra view setup is a very good skill opportunity to make extra income and also a very lucrative source of making money in Nigeria.

In this article, we highlighted in easy steps with pictures how to setup, track and install DStv satellite dish and decoder for beginner to start earning from it.

How To Track And Install DStv Satellite Dish And Decoder

Get the DStv full kits

DStv full kits comes with HD Decoder, HDMI or AV cable, Power Adaptor, 90cm or 60cm Dish, a roll of Coaxial cable, dish bracket, F-connector and remote control

Choose a best location to mount your DStv dish.

This is very important stage to install DStv dish for beginner because this determines the signal strength, it must be mounted facing East-Direction. East-Direction is simply identified by the direction of Rising of the Sun.

DStv dish racket can be fixed on the building wall, a dash board, a mounted poll or on the top building concrete platform.

The key point is, it must be very firm not to be pushed down by heavy rain or wind.

NOTE: Make sure there are no structures (such as tree, building etc.) at the front to install DStv dish otherwise, it will block the signal strength.

Now, attach the 90cm assembled blue dish on the racket as shown below

Next, attach your satellite finding meter to the LNB

This will enable you track a good signal as shown below.

Next, connect the DStv decoder box using the HDMI cable or AV cable

Fix the coaxial cable with the F-Connector and attach it to the “LNB IN” Port at the back of the Decoder.

Lastly, connect the Power Adaptor plug to the decoder.

Insert battery into the remote control. Connect everything properly

NOTE: The coaxial cable attached to the LNB IN Port should go outside and be fixed at the LNB attached to the dish while the Power cord goes into the socket for power supply and the HDMI cable go into the TV HDMI port or the AV Port respectively as shown below

How To Run DStv Installation Wizard Guide In Nigeria

To install DStv satellite dish and decoder, you need to complete the DStv installation wizard setup. Follow the simple guide below to run DStv installation wizard

Power-ON the DStv decoder.

Note, putting ON a decoder for the first time needs to boot, after booting, the DStv installation wizard will display on the screen as shown below:

Follow the DStv Installation Wizard prompt messages to complete the installation.

If your language is English, Press OK to continue

Select “Satellite IS20 to E36B” (depend on your region) and Press OK to continue

Selecting satellite type on “Step 2 of 5” is absolutely depend on your country, use your DStv remote to change the satellite

On “Step 3 of 5”, use the remote to select “Manual Setup” and press OK

Not the “Quick Setup” it will take you to the next DStv Installation wizard guide in Nigeria “Step 4 of 5” where the “Tuner 1 Signal Status” and “Tuner 2 Signal Status” will appear as shown below

Now, move outside to the dish and do signal tracking with the dish

At this stage of DStv Installation wizard is where the signal tracking comes in because the “Tuner 1” and “Tuner 2” will need to show signal input to complete installation wizard. To start tracking, raise the tuning nob of the Satellite finder to number 5 and start moving the dish in an UP and DOWN direction to gain signal, once you reaches the signal point, the meter will sound very high the value will increase from 5 to 10 and above. When a good signal is gained, start tightening your dish’s bolts and nuts to be firm. At this point, the Tuner 1 and Tuner 2 Signal Status filled with blue lines as shown below

At this stage, you have done a great work already because you have gained the Signal for the DStv decoder to run a full Scan of all the Channels

NOTE: At this stage, if you get a weak signal, the DSTV decoder will not be able to scan for Channels. So, you MUST ensure you get it right and you are good to go.

Next, scroll down and press OK to Start Scanning for Channels as seen below

After a successful scanning, you have install DStv satellite dish and decoder successfully.

Channel 100 will start showing automatically which is the FREE and now you can call the customer care lines to open the remaining Channels for you or you can as well send a Text message ”RESET” space “IUC NO” to “30333” if the DStv Decoder has been Activated, all the Channel in that bouquet will start showing in no time. congratulations!!! You have done it. You will start viewing all your Channels as seen below,

Trust you learnt the easy steps on how to install DStv dish for beginner

Finding the whole process on how to install DStv satellite dish and decoder difficult? Contact Us for a call back or WhatsApp Us today for DStv sales and installation.

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