How To Clear Error E016 And E48-32 On GOtv

How To Clear Error E016 And E48-32 On GOtv

In this post, we covered easy steps on how to clear error E016 and E48-32 on GOtv. This error is common among GOtv users in Africa, which is a popular paid TV satellite service in Africa owned by broadcaster MultiChoice. Most GOtv users wait until to end of their subscription before renewing it.

This causes an error code to appear on the screen such as E016 while E48-32 appears when you need to fix no signal or improve the signal by changing the position of the GOtv antenna.

How To Clear E016 And E48-32 On GOtv

We present you with a guide on how you can clear errors E016 and E48-32 on GOtv. These errors are major as a result of the user not renewing the subscription before the expiration of the previous one.

How To Clear Error E016 And E48-32 On GOtv

How To Clear E016

Here are TWO EASY METHODS step by step on how to clear the error code E016 message on GOTV.


  1. Open the message box displayed on your decoder
  2. Send ‘RESET IUC NUMBER’ to 4688. Example RESET 5678012574 to 4688.
  3. You should have the E016 error cleared in a few minutes.


  1. Open a preferred internet browser
  2. Visit GOtv Self Service Center
  3. Enter your IUC Number, select GOTVE016 and solve the Captcha Text
  4. Click Fix Error
  5. You should have the E016 error cleared in a few minutes.

NOTE: If any of the above methods fails to clear error E016 on GOtv, alternatively you Contact Multichoice Customer Care or call DStv customer agent on 08039003788 or 012703232 or Click here to send a mail to GOtv Nigeria

How To Clear E48-32 On GOtv (No Signal)

Error E48-32 error means ‘No Signal’ or ‘searching for signal’. It’s a common problem with GOtv decoders caused by maybe a change of antenna position or a bad antenna. Sometimes it’s a general problem in the area where you live in. Before trying the steps below, ask a neighbor using GOtv if is working to confirm before troubleshooting. You can easily solve this problem by following the steps below.

  • Check if the antenna is properly connected to the right port at the back of the decoder
  • Press the Menu button
  • Advanced Option > Installation
  • Then Click on ‘Auto scan’
  • If its not a general issue, you should have a channel displayed

Note: You May Need to rescan Your decoder may need a rescan for all channels to come up. Watch any channel for about 10minutes if error E48-32 is cleared permanently or if there is a need to improve the signature strength

DStv users can find this article very useful where we have a step by step how to fix all DStv error codes and meaning

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