Fix Gotv No Signal Error

How To Fix GOtv No Signal Error

GOtv Africa is a popular paid TV satellite service in Africa owned by broadcaster MultiChoice. GOtv no signal error is most common error with GOtv users. We have all you need in this article step by step details on how to fix GOtv no signal error and also increase the signal strength by yourself without any technical experience.

Usually, DStv installers are also responsible for GOtv installation just like DStv installation wizard for us, so when there is no signal error, the best way to resolve it is to contact an accredited installer for help.

Sometimes, installers might take longer time than usual to show up and you might want to try resolving the issue on your own. In this article, we put together all the installation troubleshooting strategies that may help you restore your signal once you experience a no signal error and also help you increase the signal strength on your GOtv.

Lets jump into the steps how to fix no signal error on your GOtv

Why Is GOtv Showing No Signal Error

There are might several reasons why your GOtv show no signal, but here are some basic reasons for signal problem:

  1. A faulty decoder may cause no signal error.
  2. Slight shift of the GOtv antenna from the right direction.
  3. Bad GOtv antenna.
  4. Break in the coaxial cable used for the GOtv antenna.
  5. Broken antenna might give GOtv no signal error.
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These are main reasons why you see no signal error on your GOtv decoder.

Things Required To Increase Signal Strength For GOtv

To fix no signal on GOtv, here are things needed below:

  1. New coaxial cable
  2. A ladder (if necessary)
  3. A power source (electricity)
  4. A GOtv antenna (existing or new)
  5. Hammer (nail if necessary)
  6. Screwdriver
  7. Spiner (if necessary)
  8. F-connectors

Steps To Fix GOtv No Signal Error

To fix GOtv no signal, follow these simple steps highlighted below:

  1. Connect the GOtv decoder to power source and switch it on.
  2. Wait for the booting process to finish
  3. When no signal error comes up, on the remote, press “Help” button to display the “Menu.”
  4. Scroll to “Advanced options” and press ok.
  5. Select “Signal information” and press ok.
  6. The signal strength and quality will be displayed showing empty.
  7. Let someone watch the screen while you climb the ladder to where the antenna is mounted.
  8. Try to shift the antenna from left to right, all around to see if the signal will show up.
  9. If the signal did not show up, change the antenna cable to the new coaxial cable.
  10. Connect the new coaxial cable using the F-Connector to the same cable port on the antenna.
  11. Run the cable nicely to the room where the decoder is.
  12. Remove the old cable from the back of the decoder and fix the new one.
  13. The signal should show up. In case the signal is low, climb back to the top and tune the antenna to attain a high signal.
  14. Once the signal shows up, scan the decoder to retrieve the lost channels afresh.
  15. Press “Exit” to remove the menu.
  16. Start enjoying your GOtv channels!
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