format a laptop with Windows 10

How To Format A Laptop With Windows 10 Or Windows 7 With Pictures

Do you need format a laptop with Windows 10? To begin, make sure you have the necessary software to format your laptop or computer by using either a Windows operating system installation disc or a USB ReadyBoot

We highlighted some easy step how to format a laptop with Windows 10 or how to format a computer with Windows 10, windows 8 or windows 7. There’s no doubt that Windows 10 is far better than the previous version of Windows 8 or Windows 7. To format a laptop with Windows 10 or computer, you need a boot disk of Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 which can be stored either in a CD or Flash drive which you’ve bought or Downloaded.

Windows operating systems are installed only on one drive (eg: C Drive) which is needed to be formatted. Formatting C: Drive will delete every data from C: Drive which includes folds like Documents, Music, Video, Desktop etc. So it is very necessary to make sure you’ve backed up every important files with these 5 cool ways before format.

Format A Laptop With Windows 10

BIO Setup To Format A Laptop With Windows 10

To format a laptop with Windows 10, you need to boot from CD or DVD or USB drive you have to make your CD/DVD or USB Drive first boot device in priority. To do this, while starting your computer enter in BIOS setup when manufacturers logo screen appears. To enter in this setting page, press F2, F10, F12 or DEL key (depending on the manufacturer) while starting your computer.

NOTE: The particular key will be displayed below the screen when manufacturers logo screen appears

  • From the BIOS menu go to the “Boot Menu” option
  • Change the booting order of device making the CD Drive as first boot device.
  • This will boot from CD rather than Hard Disk while starting your system.
  • Save changes and exit (by pressing F10 and this may varies system to system)
  • The computer will restart.

Note: If you are installing from a USB drive, then you have to set the Removal Storage as first boot device priority.

Easy Steps How To Format A Laptop With Windows 10 With Pictures

In this article on how to format a laptop with windows 10 with pictures. In this guide, we will be using Windows 7. (same process apply to how to format a laptop with Windows 10)

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1) Insert the Windows boot disc and restart your computer.

After the BIOS setup, insert the booting disc. A message will appear while start asking you to “Press any key to boot from CD…” So press any key on the keyboard and The Windows 7 setup process will be launched.

Press Any Key

2) The Windows files will be loaded.

After completion of loading Windows files, Windows 7 logo will appear. Nothing have been copied or altered in your computer yet. And the data will be deleted in later steps.

Windows is loading file…

3) Choose your preferences.

Here you will be prompted to confirm and specify your Language, your time zone & Currency format, and Keyboard-input method(US). After selecting the exact options for your system click Next.

Language and Keyboard setting

4) Click on Install Now

Do not click repair Even if you repairing your system by re-installing Windows. Once clicked, setup will proceed automatically, just wait for about a minute.

Install now

5) Now click on ‘I accept the license terms’

You can read the agreements and terms if you want to and click Next.

Accept Terms

6) Choose Custom install

On the screen, an option will appear asking “What type of installation do you want?” Select “Custom (advanced)”

Custom Install

7) Click “Drive Options (advanced).”

From the new window that appears asking “Where do you want to install Windows?” select “Drive Option (advanced)”. From here you can delete, format or create partitions.

8) Select “Drive C:” partition where the existing operating system in loaded

After selecting Drive C: you can format, delete and recreate a partition to erase all files and data on the Drive

NOTE: If your Hard Disk has multiple drive then be sure to select the correct Drive (Generally its always “C [Partition 1]” Drive). Because formatting a partition delete everything within this particular partition.

9) Click on the Drive and Click on format.


10) Wait for the formatting process to complete

A notice will be given after completing the formatting process

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11) Click Next after the formatting process.

After the formatting process is completed, the Windows installation will continue. This installation process may take 30min to 1hour depending on the system speed.


12) Wait for the computer to restart

After the installation is completed, “Press any key to continue…” will be displayed again. This time don’t press anything and wait for the notification to disappear to continue.


13) Wait for few minutes for the installation process to complete

At this stage, the computer will tend to restart severally, do not take any action, the PC will continue booting and complete the installation process within few more mins

Completing Installation

14) Finally the process completed.

Installation Completed

15) Now enter your user name

The user name will be your Windows name

Windows Name

16) Enter password if necessary

At this stage, enter the system password. This is optional.


17) Click next and type the Windows 7 product key.

Enter the Windows 7 product key if required. And check the “Automatically activate Windows when I’m online” option. This will verify and activate your Windows next time you connected to the internet.

Product Activation

18) Select windows update option.

To run the computer securely with stability, it is recommended to choose one of the first two options. The first will search and install updates automatically from internet. And the second option will notify you when important updates are available..

19) Next select network preferences.

Generally most of users select “Home Network”. If the network is being used in public place then select public network.

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20) FINALLY! Everything is done.

After a final loading Windows will start and the desktop will appear

Step By Step Video Tutorial How To Format A Laptop With Windows 10

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