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How to Create Custom Keyboard For Windows Programs

Whether you’re using an operating system like Windows, Custom Keyboard For Windows Programs can help you get your task done more quickly.Everyone loves to use keyboard shortcuts as they save time as well as efforts. Well, Windows has many basic pre-defined keyboard shortcuts that most of us are being used in our daily routine such as CTRL+CCTRL+VCTRL+A etc.

But, do you know in Windows you can also create your own quick keyboard shortcut for launching any specific program? In this article, I’m going to guide you how to create your own keyboard shortcuts to launch different Windows programs.

Creating Own Custom Keyboard Shortcut For Any Windows Program

You can easily create your own custom keyboard shortcut for any Windows program. Following are the simple steps to create own keyboard shortcuts for Windows programs:

  • At first, right click on the program icon and then choose Propertiesfrom the options.

Right click properties


  • Click on the Shortcut tab in Properties box. Here you’ll see a shortcut key option filled None inside.

Windows Program Shortcut


  • Now, click on that Shortcut Key box where None is filled inside, and then tap the key you want to use as shortcut for the related program. The keyboard shortcut will be formed as CTRL+ALT+Key. (For example you pressed V, the keyboard shortcut for the related program will be CTRL+ALT+V).

Creating Keyboard Shortcut for Windows Program


  • At last, click on Apply and then click OK to confirm the changes. Now you can simply use this keyboard shortcut every time to launch program.

That’s all about creating your own custom keyboard shortcuts for different Windows programs to call them quickly by using keyboard shortcuts. It will save your lots of time while going work on your PC.

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