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How To Change Windows Password Using CMD Command

If your PC or Laptop is password protected, you have to enter the password before enter in computer else when you forget the password, change windows password will be required. But once  you provide the correct administrator password, then you don’t need to change windows password. If password is forgotten, it can be retrieved by using command prompt.

It is really a funny trick and may be useful for many users of PCs and Laptops. One thing here which you need to remember that without run as Administrator, you can not implement this trick.

Actually, it really seems funny when you want to change the password of someone’s PC but you don’t know the current password of that PC. In this condition ask for their PC or Laptop to run for a while.

Now type the following commands in command prompt (cmd).





  • Type command Net Users to see the user accounts of Windows.

Command prompt screen with net users command


  • Now if you want to change password of Administrator, type the command Net Users Administrator * and hit Enter. Now you will see new line to type a new password for administrator.

Command Prompt>>Type a new password


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  • So, now type a new password to change the current password. Let’s see the last step of this funny trick of cmd.

Password changed successfully using cmd


Finally, you are done!

NOTE: Whenever you type the password in cmd then you can’t see the numbers or characters you have entered. You have to keep in mind the letters and retype again. And if you not log in as Administrator, you will an error message like system error 5 has occurred…..Access is denied. So keep in mind you have to log in as Administrator.

Alternate Method: Change Windows Password Using iSeePassword Tool

According to the above method, you can only change the password of computer if you’re already logged in. But if you’re logged out and forget the password? In this case, you may use the iSeePassword Windows password recovery tool. This would also be the best choice to reset admin or login password on Windows 7 if forgot.

With iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro tool, you can easily reset your local Windows 7/8/10/XP admin or login password without system re-installation.

What you need to prepare:

  1. An USB drive or black DVD/CD.
  2. An accessible computer.
  3. iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro


Step 1. After you downloadiSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro tool on another computer, install it. Insert USB flash drive into the computer and choose media type USB device.

iSeePassword - Choose media type


Step 2. It will detect your USB drive, and start to burn your bootable USB drive.

Step 3. After password reset disk is burning successfully, insert USB device  into locked win 7 computer. Then set boot device priority in BIOS or Boot Option menu to boot locked computer from USB. Reboot your computer, it will load the program and show all password you set in your system. Select the one you want to remove ,click Reset password.

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iSeePassword - Reset Windows Password


That’s all guys! These two are the best and most effective methods to change windows password or reset your Windows administrator password easily. Other than this, you can also get to this article if you’re locked out of your Windows laptop.

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