Bulk SMS Service Providers In Nigeria

10 Most Reliable Bulk SMS Service Providers In Nigeria

Bulk SMS Service Providers in Nigeria offers a reliable Bulk SMS gateway services at a cheap price to provide a reliable bulk SMS solution to businesses in Nigeria.

Bulks SMS is a method in used today to send Text Messages to large volume of phone numbers at a time. Bulk SMS works similarly with sending text messages on our phones using network such as MTN sim and getting a reliable bulk SMS provider in Nigeria can be a difficult task.

Businesses, Churches, Schools, Communities, and even Event organizers make use of bulk SMS service to reach thousands of people at a time. The chief different between sending regular text messages from phone and bulk SMS is that bulk SMS is sent through the internet using a reliable bulk SMS gateway provider.

Bulk SMS Service Providers In Nigeria

For businesses, Bulk SMS Nigeria offers a complete mobile marketing solution to increase customer fan base and be ahead of competitors. In this article, we discussed the best, efficient and reliable Bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria to facilitate your business.

List Of Best Bulk SMS Service Providers In Nigeria

1. Multitexter

Multitexter is one of the trusted bulk SMS service provider in Nigeria. With a price rang for as low as N1.35 per unit if buying
over 499,999units and max of N1.90 per unit if buying between 200-4,999units
They provide bulk SMS to individual and corporate organizations.

2. SMS Live 247

SMS live 247 offers a friendly user interface for their users. They also provide Excel Plugin which enables users to send SMS from Excel Worksheet that consist messages and contact. SMS live 247 price rang at 1 SMS per unit. The price is low as 1.35 naira for each unit.

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3. Gold SMS 247

Gold SMS 247 is one of the cheapest bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria. Their SMS price rang is as low as 82kobo per SMS if
buying above 999,999units and maximum of 88kobo per SMS for 100-2,999unit

4. BulkSMSNigeria

Bulk SMS Nigeria is one of the leading bulk SMS service providers in the country. It has many payment options and as well as
a reliable SMS API. For end users, their prices rang from N2 per unit for 999units to N1.45 for 500,000units

5. Xwireless

Xwireless has some amazing features that made it stand out such as Excel plugin and number extractor which make it handy when needed to pull out
numbers from a document. It also has a friendly user interface which aids user experience. Their SMS price rang from
N0.89 per SMS from 1-9,999unit to as low as N0.73 for a minimum of 10,000,000units

6. Ebulksms

Ebulksms is one of the reliable bulk SMS company in Nigeria. Their design is user friendly, responsive design, their SMS delivery time is excellent and worth using. Though Ebulksms is a bit expensive but they offer the best quality service. Their price rang from N3 for 50-333units, N2 for 500-9,999units and N1.90 for 10,000-999,999units

7. Dmobili

Dmobili has been in use by companies in Nigeria for the business of bulk SMS for a while. Their message delivery are quite fast with the scheduling time and date option for messages to be sent later. Their SMS charges ranged is about N1.90 for 1-4,999units. Dmobili has the option of buying SMS unit online with an atm card in just a click.

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8. SMS Grace

SMS Grace is another great bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria that have been around for a while. Their services is available anywhere in the world where u have access to web browser and internet connection. Their price for a unit is as low as N0.85kobo for a unit if you are buying over 6,999units and max of N1.75 per unit for 1-4,999units

9. Yugosms

Yugosms is one of the easiest to use bulk SMS service, we considered it among Nigeria top bulk SMS providers, because their message deliver fast, they offer new users with 2 units SMS to test their service upon registration with flexible payment options. Their SMS rate is as low as N1 per unit from 1 – 10,000

10. Speedwaysms

Speedway also makes it on this list of top Nigeria bulk SMS providers 2016. Their message deliver pretty fast upon clicking the send button. They have different online methods of buying SMS online, such as ATM card, direct payment to their bank account which they will credit the user account within 12hours.


We hope this article have helped you with a list of reliable Bulk SMS Service Providers in Nigeria. If you have experience with any of the bulk SMS service providers listed above or anyone not listed, share your experience with us in the comment box below to help others learn.

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