Add Hibernate Option To Start Menu In Windows 10

To add Hibernate Option in Windows 10 start menu can save time when needed. You may consider using the Hibernate Option to save much power when using your computer. This option is not by default enabled on Windows 10 but available through the Control Panel Option which can be added to the Start Menu for fast and easy access.

The Sleep Option can also help in saving power which is enabled by default in most Operating System, can turn off most of your computer hardware and store the current information on your RAM until it is turned back On. Sleeping Mode option make use of a lot less power which makes Hibernate Option a better option for power saving. Sleep Option is a good option to use when going away from your computer for a short period of time.

Better advantage of Sleep Option is it “wakes up” from Sleep Mood in few seconds so you can easily resume your work where you left off a lot faster.

The Hibernate Option works similar way as the Sleeping Option but it stores open documents and running applications on your hard drive and shuts down your computer which makes it a better option to save more power.

In Hibernate Mode, the computer uses zero battery power which makes it a better option when going for a while and want to continue from where you left off.

The only downside of Hibernation Mode is it takes few more seconds to start compared to Sleep Mode.

How To Add Hibernate Option In Windows 10 Start Menu

  • Open Control Panel and click “Hardware and Sound “
Add Hibernate Option To Start Menu In Windows 10
  • Next, choose “Power Options” and click “Change what the power buttons do”
Add Hibernate Option To Start Menu In Windows 10
  • Next click “Change settings that are currently unavailable“. This will enable shutdown options.
Add Hibernate Option To Start Menu In Windows 10
  • Next, Check the “Hibernate (Show in Power menu)
Add Hibernate Option To Start Menu In Windows 10
  • Next, click on “Save changes” and DONE!
Add Hibernate Option To Windows 10

Now you should have “Hibernate” option available in the Start Menu.

Hibernate Option In Windows 10

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NOTE: Technical issues may occur after enabling Hibernate mode on Windows 10. SOLVED: Hibernate and Sleep Issues in Windows 10, 8, 8.1

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